Areas of Study

Bachelor of Arts

Connecticut College offers a transforming education that prepares students to put the liberal arts into action as effective citizens in a global society. Toward those ends, the students undertake a curriculum structured to ensure meaningful engagement with the major areas of human experience, inquiry and achievement as well as opportunities for self-discovery and expression. A Connecticut College education involves students in carefully crafted educational experiences inside and outside of the classroom that knit together courses of study, opportunities to test and apply what is learned in varied and multiple contexts, and encouragement to reflect upon the relationships among them. In this sense, a Connecticut College education is significantly broader than the accumulation of the academic credits that constitute the minimum requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree.

All candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree are required to complete a thoughtfully developed program of study that includes the equivalent of 128 credits of academic credit, distributed among general education, elective courses and the academic major. Furthermore, students are encouraged to complement this coursework with selected leadership, service, study away, internship, work and/or research activities. In addition to the major, students may complete a minor in selected fields or a certificate in one of several interdisciplinary programs.

All programs offered at Connecticut College are approved by both the Connecticut Office of Higher Education and the Veteran's Administration.