Physical Education

Adjunct Professors: Benvenuiti, Bishop, Bresnahan, Edmed, Kovach, Ricci, Riker, Shields, Wuyke; Adjunct Associate Professors: O′Brien, Steele, Ward; Adjunct Assistant Professors: Burk, MacDonald, Maher, Chappell, Vogeley; Adjunct Instructor: Anderson, Smith, Sweeney

All one-credit courses in physical education meet two hours each week for one-half semester only. For restrictions on the number of one-credit courses that can be applied toward the minimum degree requirements, see the undergraduate catalog. Any student wishing to participate in any part of the program of physical education and/or intercollegiate sports is required to have a medical classification from the College Health Service. This regulation is necessary for the protection of the student as well as the College. 

Physical Education Courses