Hispanic Studies

Professors: Heredia, Kushigian; Associate Professor: Gonzaléz;  Adjunct Assistant Professor: Koehler; Adjunct Instructors: Furgueson, Garaycochea, Nick, Wuyke; Visiting Assistant Professor: Kuder;  Associate Professor Rudolph, chair

Overview of the Majors

The department offers two majors: 1) a disciplinary major in Hispanic Studies, which integrates language, literary, and cultural studies of Spain, Spanish America, and Latinos in the US, and 2) an interdisciplinary major in Latin American and Latino Studies, which combines language proficiency with a dynamic, interdepartmental curriculum. Students may opt to combine Hispanic Studies and Latin American Studies as double majors. With departmental permission granted in advance, one course per semester taken at other institutions, including study abroad and U.S. programs, may be counted toward the major requirement.  A second course may be counted provided that it corresponds to SPA 207, SPA 250, or SPA 251 or a 300 level course offered at Connecticut College. When the study away is done within a SATA program, a total of three courses may be counted toward the major or minor requirements, if two of the courses are taken with Connecticut College faculty in Spanish for the Hispanic Studies major and in Spanish or English for the Latin American Studies major.  Students are encouraged to pursue related pathways and participate in study away programs, FLAC courses, SATA and TRIPS, after consultation with departmental faculty.  The department also encourages students to complete a global or local internship, service learning, individual or faculty/student research project. All courses at the 200 level and above are taught in Spanish unless otherwise indicated. Any First Year Seminar taken in Spanish may replace SPA 250 or SPA 251 depending on the course content. A first-year seminar (taught in Spanish) or ConnCourse may be counted toward either the major or minor.

Hispanic Studies Courses