Gender, Sexuality and Intersectionality Studies

In this major and minor, students gain an in-depth understanding of gender, sexuality, and other social categories through an interdisciplinary framework. Students cultivate intellectual depth and breadth through coursework; learn how to build a unique scholarly and activism-informed perspective; are challenged to communicate ideas clearly and constructively through a dynamic mix of traditional assignments and creative popularly-oriented formats; and learn how to conceptualize, practice, and evaluate social change theories, tactics, and strategies through project-based work. The knowledge and capacities cultivated in the major and minor prepare students for future endeavors, such as participating in a diverse and complex workforce, as well as graduate study in fields such as law school, social work, public policy, and public health.

Assistant Professor:  Rotramel;  Professor Egan, chair

Associated Faculty:

Professors:  Bhatia (Human Development), Borrelli (Government), Borer (Government), Boyd (English), Chrisler (Psychology), Dooling (East Asian Languages and Cultures), Heredia (Hispanic Studies), Howes (Economics), Kushigian (Hispanic Studies), Pack (Economics), Rivkin (English), Sica (Italian), Stock (American Studies), Wilson (History); Associate Professors:   Collins (Dance), Downs (History), Eastman (Biology), Garofalo (History), Graesch (Anthropology), Grande (Education), Harris (Sociology),  Lanoux (Slavic Studies), Machtans (German Studies), Martin (Film Studies), Prestininzi (Theater), Roberts (Dance), Rudolph (Hispanic Studies), Sayej (Government), Schneider (Chemistry), Spicer (Botany), Strabone (English), Uddin (Religious Studies); Assistant Professors:  Anderson (Theater), Assor (Art), Athamneh (Classics), Barnard (Art),  Bennett (Anthropology), Ferhatović (English), Henderson (Dance), Jafar (Sociology), Knott (German Studies),  Moy (Music), Myers (Classics), Reder (English); Visiting Assistant Professors:  Papathanasopoulou (Classics).

Gender and Women's Studies Courses