Professor:  Grande; Assessment Coordinator and Certification Officer: Patel-Lye; Associate Professor: Anderson; Associate Professor Wright chair

The Education Department views American education as a reflection of a set of political, economic and cultural relationships that reflect the dominant social arrangements of society. Teaching is therefore viewed as a political act. The goal of the Teacher Education Program is to produce critical educators who understand that one of the consequences of living in a pluralistic society is the existence of a variety of conflicting views of what it means to be educated. As such, it works to instill in students a sense of responsibility to participate in the political process by which educational policies are initiated, employed and resisted.

The Department employs a social justice curriculum where students are expected to: (1) achieve excellence in their field, (2) understand classrooms as a reflection of larger social-political and economic forces, (3) develop critical and anti-bias pedagogies and, (4) to view the classroom as a dynamic and dialectical space.

There will be changes in the certification regulations for students who plan to apply for certification after July 1, 2014. (These changes will not affect the students who graduate in June of 2014 as long as they complete all of their requirements and apply for certification before July 1, 2014). Students should check with the Education Department Certification Officer for details.

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