Study Away

Study away is an opportunity made available to qualified Connecticut College students, subject to a thorough selection process. Every applicant must apply for permission to study away from campus by completing the Study Away Application forms and meeting all deadlines. The Faculty Study Away Committee reviews applications and selects those who may apply to study away for credit abroad or elsewhere in the U.S., but approval by the committee does not guarantee final acceptance to the study away program. Review of each application is strictly confidential, and the decision arrived at by the Study Away Committee is final.

Connecticut College recognizes two types of study away programs: Study Away/Teach Away (SATA) programs and regular study away pro­grams. SATA programs are semester-long courses of study designed and led by Connecticut College faculty. These programs provide Connecticut College students with the unique opportunity to join their own professor(s) in a joint educational venture designed to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of political, economic and social systems different from their own. Students take classes with their Connecticut College professors and with faculty at the host university. Most SATA programs include round­ trip international airfare and field trips designed to help students develop an appreciation for the history, culture and social customs of the country or region where they are studying. Recent SATA programs have taken place in Cuba, Italy, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, South Korea and Vietnam. For the purposes of course credit, students participating in SATA programs are considered to be in residence at Connecticut College (although participation in a SATA is taken into account if a student applies for additional study away opportunities).

A great number of institutions and organizations offer study away programs. Connecticut College has worked diligently to establish special relationships and affiliations with institutions that have programs of outstanding quality throughout the world. The Office of Study Away evaluates these programs on a regular basis with respect to academic and student service quality. Under exceptional circumstances, Connecticut College will approve students to attend programs with which the College does not have an established relationship. More information about this process may be obtained by contacting the Office of Study Away. For the most current listing of study away programs and locations, please check the office website.