Return to College Students (RTC)

  • RTC students must maintain a minimum grade-point average of 2.0 and
  • The program must be completed within the maximum time frame of 12 semesters, less with transfer credits.
  • RTC students are eligible for federal aid only.

For example: A student transfers in 48 credits, or three semesters, leaving a remainder of nine semesters to complete the degree. The student must complete eight credits during each of the nine remaining semesters.

Return to College Student Example: Credits transferred 48 (three semester equivalent) Required to earn 8 credits by the end of each semester
1st Semester at Conn 56
2nd semester 64
3rd Semester 72
4th Semester 80
5th Semester 88
6th Semester 96
7th Semester 104
8th Semester 112
9th Semester 120

Please reference the previous sections on Financial Aid Warning and Financial Aid Probation if you are not making satisfactory academic progress as defined above.