Financial Aid Probation

If a student has not met the minimum standards for satisfactory academic progress after the initial Financial Aid Warning, the student will be placed on financial aid probation and is denied access to federal financial aid. A student can appeal based on the following:

  • injury or illness (must provide a letter from a health professional)
  • disability (must provide a letter from Accessibility Services)
  • death of a relative; (must provide documentation) or.
  • other special circumstances (must provide documentation).

In addition to providing the above documentation, the student must submit an academic plan that has been determined with consultation from the student's dean or academic adviser. It must be specific and demonstrate how the student will graduate within the remaining semesters.

If the student's appeal of his/her financial aid probation is granted, the student will be notified of the approval via email along with additional requirements that must be met. The award will be for only one semester. Future funding will be dependent on the successful completion of the semester based on the academic plan and any additional requirements listed in the approval letter.

If you will be taking a semester off, or making arrangements to pay for classes without financial aid, please be advised that in order to regain eligibility for financial aid, you must meet the minimum requirements based on the original class in which you entered.