At the end of each semester, grades are submitted by the faculty through Self Service, by the published deadlines. Changes to previously submitted grades must be submitted in writing to the Office of the Registrar. Only grades that are higher than those previously submitted will be accepted; grades may not be lowered.

Once the faculty has voted to approve the degrees for the students who are graduating (three days before Commencement), all transcripts are considered to be “frozen.” Following that vote, changes to the transcript, including changes of grade, are not permitted.

A student’s course work is evaluated on the basis of grades and credits taken. The letter grades used and their associated grade points are: A, 4.0; A-, 3.7; B+, 3.3; B, 3.0; B-, 2.7; C+, 2.3; C, 2.0; C-, 1.7; D+,1.3; D, 1.0; D-, 0.7; F, 0.0; NF, 0.0; and IF, 0.0. Grade point standing is obtained by summing the products of credits and grade points and dividing by the number of credits taken.  Work taken during the summer and while on leave from the College will be included in determining grade point standing, but courses taken under the satisfactory/unsatisfactory option or graded pass/not passed are excluded. All one-credit courses must be marked as pass/not passed.


Students who have not completed all course requirements by the end of the examination period because of emergency or illness may request a temporary grade of Incomplete.  In this situation, students should consult both the instructor and their class dean, and must submit the request officially to the class dean no later than the end of the examination period.  After discussing any relevant issues with the class dean, the instructor shall make the final determination as to whether or not to allow the temporary grade of Incomplete.

All work must be completed and submitted by the due date specified by the instructor, which must be no later than four weeks after the end of the examination period. Incompletes extended beyond four weeks require the approval of the instructor and the Committee on Academic Standing, and will be granted only in the most extraordinary circumstances. If the work is not completed and submitted by the student on or before the due date, the instructor will report a permanent grade reflecting the quantity and quality of work completed in relation to the total work assigned.

No Grade

Within four weeks of the beginning of the following semester all work must be completed and a grade submitted; otherwise, a final grade of failure, which will be calculated into the grade point average as a failure, will be posted.