Gender and Women’s Studies

Assistant Professor:  Rotramel; Visiting Assistant Professor:  Baldwin; Professor Egan, chair

Associated Faculty:

Professors:  Bhatia (Human Development), Borrelli (Government), Borer (Government), Boyd (English), Chrisler (Psychology), Dooling (East Asian Languages and Cultures), Heredia (Hispanic Studies), Howes (Economics), Kushigian (Hispanic Studies), Pack (Economics), Rivkin (English), Sica (Italian), Stock (American Studies), Wilson (History); Associate Professors:   Collins (Dance), Downs (History), Eastman (Biology), Garofalo (History), Graesch (Anthropology), Grande (Education), Harris (Sociology),  Lanoux (Slavic Studies), Machtans (German Studies), Martin (Film Studies), Pfefferkorn (Philosophy), Prestininzi (Theater), Roberts (Dance), Rudolph (Hispanic Studies), Sayej (Government), Schneider (Chemistry), Spicer (Botany), Strabone (English), Uddin (Religious Studies); Assistant Professors:  Anderson (Theater), Assor (Art), Athamneh (Classics), Barnard (Art),  Bennett (Anthropology), Ferhatović (English), Henderson (Dance), Jafar (Sociology), Knott (German Studies),  Moy (Music), Myers (Classics), Reder (English); Visiting Assistant Professors:  Papathanasopoulou (Classics).

Gender and Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary transnational course of study designed to help students understand the ways in which gender politics shapes social experience. We examine the nuanced historical processes through which women and men and transgendered people live out gender; the set of institutional and ideological practices that shape it; and the concrete processes and political movements through which inequities are transformed. Employing a transnational, comparative approach, students explore how gender intersects with issues of nation, culture, religion, sexuality, class and race. Gender and Women's Studies prepares students to utilize feminist methodologies and approaches to examine and enrich other disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and arts.

Gender and Women's Studies Courses