CC: #Black Lives Matter  In this course students will study issues related to #BlackLivesMatter, one of the most important social movements of our time. Together, we will answer the call of student activists across the nation - to open up institutional spaces for the study of "Black lives" - as part of a broader intellectual project to create more equitable institutions, particularly in higher education.  Designed as a teaching collective, this course will bring critical questions from a wide variety of disciplines to bear on the issues of structural inequality and (state) violence engaging questions such as:  How does the grounding of #BLM in queer and feminist politics distinguish it from Civil Rights era leadership?  How do housing, policing, and labor policies function to produce racial inequality?  How can we understand the relationship between visual representation and racial formation?  Finally, the course will not only work with students to understand the multiple manifestations of injustice but also to envision new possibilities and horizons.  CRE 166 is a signature course of the Center for the Critical Study of Race and Ethnicity (CCSRE) that draws upon the expertise of CCSRE faculty, who guest teach throughout the course.




As a ConnCourse, this course makes connections across the liberal arts.

Cross Listed Courses

This is the same course as EDU 166.

Enrollment Limit

Enrollment limited to 28 students.