Learning Goals for the Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy

The Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy is a multidisciplinary academic center that advances teaching, learning, research, and community collaborations to create more just and equitable communities. The Center’s certificate in Community Action and Public Policy cultivates intellectual and ethical judgment and prepares students for lives of civic engagement and leadership. Holleran Center scholars earn a certificate in Community Action and Public Policy at graduation by successfully supplementing their major with the Holleran Gateway course, the Junior and Senior Seminars, and four additional courses that expand their understanding of their topic; a College-sponsored summer internship; and a Senior Integrative Project.

Content and Knowledge Base

Students will acquire knowledge of social and public policy in historical, cultural and political contexts within a liberal arts framework. Students will analyze and understand how public policy can both ameliorate and contribute to multiple forms of inequality (e.g., race and poverty).

Critical Thinking and Social Analysis

Students will unite intellectual inquiry with meaningful social, political and civic action in local and global communities. Students will use a variety of theoretical and research methods to investigate social problems, analyze public policy and propose solutions for social change that are based on the principles of equity.

Ethics, Values, and Citizenship

Students will cultivate intellectual and ethical judgment, preparing them for lives of civic engagement, social change and leadership. Students will examine individual and collective identity and responsibility within local and global communities.

Skills and Capacities

Students will acquire and practice problem-solving and community-building skills, such as budgeting, project designing, public speaking, collaborating and community organizing, planning, grant-writing and effective communication and interpersonal skills.