Museum Studies Certificate Program

Museum Studies Courses

Museum studies is a broad interdisciplinary program that explores the role of museums in shaping society's knowledge about art, culture, history and the natural world. The Museum Studies Certificate Program is designed to introduce students to careers in all types of museums, including cultural arts centers, historical sites and houses, science centers, environmental education centers, exhibit design firms, auction houses, planetaria, aquaria, zoos and botanical gardens. The program is open to students from all majors. Students who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate at graduation.

The program offers:

•     An introduction to the foundations of museology with a critical perspective on museum history and practice.

•     Occasions to visit and analyze a diverse range of museums and exhibitions.

•     Study of community-museum relationships through on-site observations and interaction with museum professionals.

•     A survey of museum skills and operation, including curation, exhibition design and implementation, collection management, conservation, administration, publication, fundraising and educational programming.

•     Special opportunities for internships, volunteer work and training at local museums.

The program consists of four components:

•     A foundation course, Art History 280: Introduction to Museum Studies.

•     Two elective courses selected from (but not limited to) the following list of courses: Current Issues in Museum Studies; Museum Methods; Museum Education; House Museums; Museum Theater; Nineteenth-Century Art; Early Twentieth-Century Art; Authenticity in Art and Culture.

•     A summer or semester internship at a Museum, gallery, historical society or related organization. The internship must be approved by the director of Museum studies.

•     Senior Integrative Project: an independent or collaborative project undertaken while enrolled in the Museum Studies Senior Projects seminar. The project might involve designing and implementing an exhibition, developing interactive computer software or a museum website, producing an educational outreach program, or writing a research essay on some aspect of museums or museology.

Students may enter the museum studies program through first semester of the junior year.

Criteria for Entry into the Museum Studies Program:

•     Minimum 3.0 grade point average.

•     An academic plan approved by the director of Museum studies that includes elective courses to be taken, a proposed Museum intern­ship, and a faculty-approved topic/project for the Senior Integrative Project.

Criteria for the Certificate:

•     An overall 3.0 grade point average in foundation and elective courses.

•     Successful completion of foundation and elective courses.

•     Successful completion of a Museum internship.

•     Successful completion of the senior integrative project.