Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology Certificate Program

Arts & Technology Courses

The Ammerman Center is a community of students, faculty, staff, artists, and scholars dedicated to exploring the dynamic relationships between the arts, technology, and culture through experimentation, research and creation.

The mission of the Ammerman Center is to inspire and foster the production of creative, scholarly, collaborative, and interdisciplinary work by offering innovative educational experiences such as courses, workshops, symposia, colloquia, internships, mentoring and advising.

Each year, the Center community produces innovative and engaging exhibitions, performances, publications, and public presentations.

The Center promotes Connecticut College’s core values of inclusivity, understanding and respect across economic, environmental, and cultural identities through the creative and scholarly connections made across campus, within New London, and throughout the world.

The Center’s mission proceeds from the understanding that theory and practice are inextricably linked, and that creative work and scholarship conducted side-by-side lead to rich, responsible, innovative, and often radical critical thinking, experimentation, and problem solving.

CAT offers a wide variety of programs, including:

  • a student certificate program,
  • interdisciplinary courses,
  • a biennial symposium,
  • a colloquia series,
  • technology workshops,
  • interactions with visiting scholars, and
  • community engagement.

The Center has 3 facilities on the Connecticut College campus. The Center's seminar and student workspace is located at 768 Williams Street, across the street from the campus. The primary technology lab of the Center is located in the F.W. Olin Science Center, room 214. Our administrative offices and conference room are located in the historic Winslow Ames House.